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ProvidersAt Northeast Delta Dental, we understand that some patients need more dental care than others. That’s why we’re introducing HOWSM, our industry-leading Health through Oral WellnessSM program that provides additional benefits at no additional cost to at-risk patients from participating employer groups with HOW plan designs. All they need is a little help from YOU.

Through the use of a simple risk evaluation tool (provided to you at no charge), you can help your at-risk patients receive the care they really need. HOW can help you improve patient acceptance of treatment, their oral and overall health, and your bottom line.

To learn more about Health through Oral Wellness, please contact Northeast Delta Dental’s Professional Relations team at 1-800-537-1715. 

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The 17th Annual Dr. Thurston J. Carpenter Memorial Golf Tournament will be held on Friday, October 10, 2014 at the Abenaqui Country Club, Rye Beach, New Hampshire.

Dental Plans for Individuals and Families

Looking for dental benefits for yourself and your family? Click here to learn more about our new dental plans for Individuals and Families.

Dental Benefit Plans for Employers and Groups

Northeast Delta Dental administers dental benefits to more than 700,000 people in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont and designs programs for organizations of all sizes and people with no access to employer–sponsored dental insurance programs.

We offer two plan types for employer groups.

Our Small Group Options are designed for groups with 2-99 enrolled employees, and offer both flexibility and affordability.  And with the added benefit of being part of a community-rated pool with thousands of other members, employers and employees are also assured of long-term rate stability.

Dental Plans for Large Groups is for employer groups with 100 or more employees.  Northeast Delta Dental offers plan design flexibility.  From fully insured to self insured, we have a plan that will work for you.

Learn more about our Small Group Options or our Large Group plans.


Northeast Delta Dental has joined with EyeMed Vision Care to provide our customers with a comprehensive vision insurance product, providing access and choice of providers that today’s consumers demand. DeltaVision is a new tool to provide employee benefits that contribute to the overall health of those we insure. Visit DeltaVision for more information on this benefit.

Learn more about DeltaVision.

Fee Survey Forms

Don't see the form you need?  Visit our Forms for Providers page.

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From our recent edition of the Oral Health Update

For a long time, prevention, focused on common medical conditions, has been proven to work quite successfully. We know what we need to do to stay healthy. Routine exercise, balanced nutrition, moderation in consuming alcohol and a tobacco-free lifestyle will help us avoid many chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and some cancers. Learn more in Prevention Works!

Announcing GRIN! Magazine

Northeast Delta Dental proudly announces the 2014 New Year edition of Grin! Magazine.  This quarterly publication features a variety of helpful and educational articles centered around the importance of good oral health.  Each issue offers trivia, reader questions and answers, feature articles, and a whole lot more.  Check out the issue today!

My Dental Score ...

Take control of your oral health today! Put your smile to the test. Visit myDentalScore.

Oral Health Tool Kit

At Northeast Delta Dental, we are passionate about oral health and its importance to families. For almost 50 years, we have worked to improve oral health and hygiene by emphasizing preventative care. Our oral health and wellness section provides important information about adult oral health, children's oral health and even oral cancer.
Learn more about Oral Health & Wellness.