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Resources for more information about
the Affordable Care Act in Vermont  This website is not only the new Marketplace on which Vermonters can shop for medical and dental insurance, but is also a very helpful source of information. On this site people and small businesses can compare plans, apply for premium tax credits or employer tax credits, and enroll in medical and dental plans.

The Internal Revenue Services’ Affordable Care Act (ACA) page,, offers information on ACA related tax credits and employer shared responsibility payments.

The US Small Business Association (USSBA) webpages, which offer a great deal of information and link to several other federal agency websites (DOL, IRS), are organized by employer size. Topics covered under one such section, the “Employers with up to 50 Employees” section, are:

  • Tax Credits
  • SHOP
  • Employer notice to employees
  • Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs) Disclosure Rules
  • Medical Loss Ratio Rebates
  • Limits on Flexible Spending Account Contributions
  • Additional Medicare Withholding on Wages
  • New Medicare Assessment on Net Investment Income
  • 90-Day Maximum Waiting Period
  • Transitional Reinsurance Program Fees
  • Workplace Wellness Programs
  • Health Insurance Coverage Reporting Requirements
  • Find Insurance Options
  • Timeline of Provisions

Click on these USSBA links for Employers with fewer than 25 employees (which offers information specific to very small employers), Employers with up to 50 employees, Employers with 50 or more employees, and Self-employed individuals.

This resource is available for download in format.

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