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Wellness Programs at Northeast Delta Dental

At Northeast Delta Dental, we know that productive and engaged colleagues are at the center of our business success! Our focus on customer satisfaction has always been the key to our reputation in the marketplace, and great customer satisfaction is possible only with employees who enjoy what they’re doing, understand our business, and recognize the importance of service to our customers.

At the heart of a customer centered organization is a workforce of self motivated, positive, and dynamic individuals who are alert, engaged, and ready to lend a hand. We believe our attention to the ‘healthy minds and fit bodies’ of our employees facilitates their ability to deliver the excellent products and services our customers expect and deserve.

Our efforts to do this include fitness programs we provide for our employees…


Offered weekly, Hatha yoga provides stress relief, improved flexibility and posture, better breathing, heightened concentration and more strength.


Offered three times weekly, aerobics provides a cardio and strength workout and includes Zumba, Cardio Kickboxing and Step Aerobics.

Toothaches Running/Walking Group

Our runners and walkers meet weekly for a one hour run/walk and to prepare for road races.

Fitness Centers

Located at our Concord, NH, headquarters, we have a full fitness center with cardio and strength training equipment, and a ‘mini fit’ center with a treadmill. A certified fitness coach is available on site a few hours each week for employee consult. Employees have access to the Fitness Center seven days a week/24 hours a day.

NEDD Incentive Program (NIP)

Employees who record their exercise over a several month period are eligible to receive a cash award when they meet certain levels of exercise. Cash awards range from $25 to $100 semi annually.

Lunch & Learn Seminars

Our employees participate in regular Lunch & Learn seminars covering a variety of topics including nutrition, alternative medicine, exercise, and related information.

Walking Paths

Located in a scenic section of Concord bordering Horseshoe Pond, we are surrounded with miles of beautiful walking paths!

Annual Wellness Fair

A number of local organizations provide educational health and wellness oriented displays, share information, and offer demonstrations and products.

Northeast Delta Dental actively participates in the Capital Area Wellness Coalition and Greater Concord Wellness Coordinators Group. The company Safety & Wellness Committee reviews wellness initiatives regularly and recommends updates to our programs based on health experts and the feedback we receive from our employees.

Our Senior Management team supports and encourages employees to engage in healthy lifestyles to improve the overall health and wellness of our colleagues!

Maine and Vermont Colleagues

Our Maine and Vermont staff members receive an annual fitness stipend to spend on equipment, seminars, regular classes, or on a membership to a local fitness center.