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Corporate Giving Guidelines

Northeast Delta Dental supports organizations and programs that improve the lives of community members within our tri-state geographic footprint; Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Please read the following guidelines, thoroughly.

  • Funding requests are accepted and reviewed as received. Submit the Corporate Giving Application three (3) months prior to any event, or project timeline. You will receive an automated response confirming successful submission of the application.  
  • Contributions are limited to one (1) gift for nonprofit organizations, per calendar year. If funding is desired in a new calendar year, a new application must be submitted.
  • Whether full or partial funding is requested, we are most likely to support a program that has other funders, showing a broad base of community support, and program endurance.

Important: The absence of information may result in denial. Please be sure to fill in all fields and insert N/A if “not applicable”. Please remember to attach all supporting documents related to your sponsorship request, including a list of sponsor benefit levels.

Northeast Delta Dental’s Corporate Giving Guidelines exclude the following:

  • Fundraisers to benefit one individual or one family
  • Funding general operating expenses
  • Funding another organization’s foundation or endowment
  • Travel or conference expenses for individuals or groups
  • Historic preservation
  • CDFA tax credit opportunities

Occasionally, Northeast Delta Dental considers the following, if they align with our overall business strategies and philanthropic inclinations.

  • Campaigns for new buildings and renovations
  • Projects/programs requiring a multi-year commitment

Brand Compliance Requirements

Northeast Delta Dental is one (1) of thirty-nine (39) Delta Dental Plans Association (DDPA) member companies. Therefore, we are entrusted to follow strict Delta Dental brand guidelines. These guidelines apply to all sponsored organizations that use our brand. We will supply you with the appropriate version of our logo and use of our company name, as they apply to your sponsorship. Logos are sent electronically by the External Affairs department at Northeast Delta Dental, and no other sources are sanctioned. Materials using our logo may require review and approval before payment is issued. The strength of our brand is built on consistent, correct use. When brand guidelines are not followed, consideration of future funding requests will be effected. Please use our name correctly, without abbreviation: Northeast Delta Dental. 

Application Process:

Using our online application process certifies inclusion of pertinent information allowing us to capture the full breadth of your sponsorship request. When finished, click “Review & Submit”, then click “Submit” again.