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One Sky Community Services Receives a grant from Northeast Delta Dental


One Sky Community Services is happy to announce that it has recently received a grant from the Northeast Delta Dental Foundation for $5,000, approved for use in the One Sky Readiness Fund’s Dental Program. One Sky is also happy to announce that the Program will now be known as the Northeast Delta Dental Assistance Program.

The One Sky Readiness Fund was created in late 2016 to directly address the critical essentials for those with developmental disabilities that are currently not funded and will not be funded in the future. The Fund offers our clients financial assistance with needs like medical supplies, clothing, food, home modifications, emergency assistance and dental care.

Dental care is one of our most critical and important areas of concern because it is not covered by Medicaid in New Hampshire. The majority of those that One Sky serves are Medicaid eligible, with limited funding and a basic lack of any substantial means to pay for necessary and comprehensive dental work.

“We are pleased to support One Sky Community Services’ efforts to make quality dental care and necessary treatment more accessible and financially possible for their clients. We know that you cannot have good overall health without having good oral health as a foundation and we are pleased to partner with organizations like One Sky Community Services who understand this important connection,” said Kathleen B. Walker, Treasurer of the Northeast Delta Dental Foundation and Director of Marketing & Communications at Northeast Delta Dental.

So many are at risk for dental disease and face so many challenges in not only accessing those dentists who can provide them with the additional costly services of sedation and anesthesia, but also being able to generally afford both routine and extensive dental work when needed. Without proper dental care and maintenance, it has a huge impact on their overall health and quality of life, greatly affecting their self-esteem and the ability to function successfully in social and work environments.

“One Sky Community Services is extremely grateful to Northeast Delta Dental Foundation for their support in assisting our ongoing efforts to find ways to mitigate these challenges for now and going into in the future”, stated Chris Muns, CEO of One Sky Community Services. “Naming the dental program after Northeast Delta Dental is an affirmation of our new collaboration in finding ways to improve the situation for those with developmental disabilities in New Hampshire”.

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