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Battenkill Valley Health Center Receives Grant from Northeast Delta Dental Foundation


ARLINGTON, VT – Battenkill Valley Health Center (BVHC) is pleased to announce it has received a $5,000 grant from the Northeast Delta Dental Foundation to expand their Community Outreach and Oral Education Program.

The providers and staff at BVHC understand that oral health is key to overall health and wellness, and that childhood caries set the foundation for a person's lifelong oral health story.

“At BVHC, our goal is to provide oral health education and access to dental services that will have a lasting impact on the lives we touch. Our outreach program, which provides screenings and education to people of all ages, helps us to create a community that fosters oral health, improving the overall health of all of our neighbors. With the support of Northeast Delta Dental we can continue this very important work,” explained Kate Bryan, Director of Development and Community Outreach.

In the last year and a half, the program has provided age appropriate oral health education and screenings to members of the community, influencing the lives of those from infancy through adulthood. Program partners include local daycares, schools, libraries, and now, local businesses.

“The Northeast Delta Dental Foundation is proud to support organizations like Battenkill Valley Health Center that recognize the important connection between oral and overall health. Improving access to quality oral health care is central to our mission. We appreciate BVHC’s efforts to help children, families, and other community members understand healthy dental habits through oral health education, said Assistant Treasurer of the Northeast Delta Dental Foundation, Jennifer McGrath.

Launched this past fall with local businesses, the program for adults is designed to take place in the workplace and includes oral screenings with tips to reduce any risks identified. Oral health plays a huge part in employee absences and BVHC’s program works with businesses to help educate their employees. Funding through this grant will allow BVHC to purchase additional tools to provide adequate and accurate screenings outside of the dental clinic setting.

“At our first visit to a local business, we saw 25 employees, some of whom hadn’t been to a dentist in over 20 years even though they had dental insurance. We saw mouths with tooth abscesses, decay, and signs of gingivitis. We were able to provide participants with advice about next steps for care, but more importantly, each participant walked away with the tools needed to move in the right direction to improve their oral health at home thanks to the support of Northeast Delta Dental,” shared BVHC Dental Director, Dr. Stephen Philips. Participants receive a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, information about oral health, education about understanding dental insurance, and peace of mind knowing they were taking an active role in maintaining a healthy mouth.

Release courtesy Kate Bryan, Battenkill Valley Health Center
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