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GSQC Announces the ExcellenceNorth Alliance!


Concord, N.H.: At its fifth annual Leadership Summit, the Granite State Quality Council (GSQC) announced the next phase in its evolution as it becomes the ExcellenceNorth Alliance (ENA). For 27 years, the GSQC has been the nonprofit resource for organizational excellence, starting in New Hampshire and, in 2012, adding Vermont and Maine. ENA will continue to be the Baldrige-based nonprofit working with Northern New England organizations and communities to optimize performance systems needed to build and sustain success for the long-term.

ENA is a part of the Baldrige Enterprise, a nationwide public-private partnership dedicated to improving the performance of, and recognizing, role model U.S. organizations and communities. “We continue to provide our expertise in the Baldrige methodology and other systematic approaches customized to the goals of each organization with which we work by providing coaching, training, assessment, recognition, networking and sharing best practices,” said ENA Executive Director, Anne Warner. “Our forward-looking focus includes addressing how to accomplish this as the rate of change and disruption continues to dramatically increase across all business sectors!”

“From its inception, the GSQC has had a performance systems focus and collaborated with organizations having similar missions,” said President & CEO of Northeast Delta Dental, Tom Raffio, ENA Board Chair. “Now under the banner of the ExcellenceNorth Alliance, we believe this uniquely positions us to both lead the collaboration of interrelated industries to achieve thriving community networks and to help individual organizations identify and benefit from their individual ecosystems.”

The annual Summit has become a go-to event for leaders and aspiring leaders, as it enables them to be more successful by helping them understand the nuances of leadership within their organizations. Learn more about ENA at

Release courtesy Anne Warner, ExcellenceNorth Alliance
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