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Life Stages of Oral Health

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Ages 0 to 3. Baby Basics. Even though they have fewer teeth, and none at all, for a while, babies require the same attention to oral health as adults.

Ages 4 to 12. Kidding around. Even though it can be hard to get young kids to slow down, it's important to make time for oral hygiene. Starting good habits now will set the stage for a lifetime of healthy smiles

Ages 13 to 19. Teen teeth. With extra care and some gentle reminders from mom and dad, a teen's oral health will be in great shape for the college years and beyond.

Ages 20 to 35. Young adult care. With newfound independence comes newfound responsibility. Try these tips to keep oral health in tip-top shape during the young adult years.

Ages 36 to 64. Midlife matters. Taking a few preventive measures in your 40s and 50s can have a big impact on good oral health into your golden years.

Ages 65+. The golden years. An increase in age doesn't have to mean a decrease in oral health.