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What is a Core Buildup - D2950 vs D2949

The intended definition of the D2950 code (Core Buildup including any pins) has been frequently misunderstood relative to the use of the D2949 (Restorative Foundation for an Indirect Restoration). The D2950 is only benefitted when it is REQUIRED to retain an indirectly fabricated restoration due to extensive loss of tooth structure due to caries or tooth fracture. Specifically, it is required when there is insufficient vertical height to provide adequate resistance to displacement and retention of an extracoronally retained crown. If there is sufficient vertical height for retention, the D2950 is disallowed. The fee is disallowed when used with an inlay, onlay, or ¾ crown.

The D2949 is a relatively new (2014) CDT code. The code is used as a restoration performed prior to an indirect restoration when there is adequate vertical height to retain the crown but a restoration has to be replaced on the tooth in order to create more ideal tooth form and/or eliminate undercuts. This procedure is considered to be part of the indirect restoration and is disallowed.